About Us

     Born in the Summer of Love, the era of Beatle-mania and the liberal movement of the 60’s, Haymarket Riot rose to the top of the local music scene at the time when rock music was a defining element of American culture. The group developed quickly from a high-school band to a staple of the college circuit to a regional powerhouse that played more than 100 shows a year across the Midwest.

In 1974 the group was signed to London Records, the British label, and released several singles. The Riot continued on into the 70’s and early 80’s until members went their separate ways. Several former band mates including Wes Boatman (nine Emmy awards) and Gary Griffin of Beach Boys fame have had great success in the music industry.

An invitation in 1994 to play at the Ludlow Garage Reunion Concert in Eden Park was such a success that original members G. Parker, Steve Helwig, Rick Somboretz, Jerry Peeno, Tom Vogel and Wes Boatman decided to continue performing at special events, which led to the Haymarket Riot Grand Reunion and the very successful annual Summer of Love Shows. A true highlight was a 2006 road-trip to Tallinn, Estonia and a sold-out performance that introduced the formally Soviet audience to genuine American powerhouse rock.

Today’s Haymarket Riot features original members G. Parker and Steve Helwig with drummer Kevin Ross, bassist Bart Johnson and female vocalist Gretchen Tamplin, performing songs of all genre’s and styles with enthusiasm and conviction. The group is well-versed in the art of providing continuous live music for every type of event or private occasion, personalizing any affair with the songs that are meaningful to the people in attendance without “filling in” with pre-recorded material. Sharing the joy of real music takes any event to the highest level and that’s why Haymarket Riot continues to perform together with love.